Terms and Conditions

Booking your Holiday

To confirm the booking of your holiday we require you to complete and sign the booking form sent to you and return to us with the payment requested. An invoice for the balance will be sent to you approximately *** weeks prior to your departure and final documentation approximately two weeks prior to departure.

Booking Forms
It is very important that you complete and sign the booking form for your holiday. Not only does this, and/or payment of a deposit, create an agreement between you and Corks Creak but once completed, it also provides us with the information required to make the necessary agreements for your trip. An incomplete booking form will lead to delays in arranging your itinery which could detract from your enjoyment.

Paying for your holiday
Payment for your holiday should be made in the currency that you have been invoiced.

*** The time constraint will differ dependant upon the destination chosen. Full details will be printed on your deposit receipt.