Sporting Holidays

Domestic or Exotic Whether your taste is traditional Trout or Salmon Fishing, or exotic Peacock Bass and Tarpon in the Amazon Basin, shooting domestic game or the feathered missiles that are the Partridge in the med. or even the doves and duck in Argentina, we can arrange it all for you. How about Big Game - domestic or exotic, we have most of it covered!

You will find the details for all of our offerings and services on this web site. If there is something that we have missed or a particular and specific item which we have not listed, but for you is a "must have", please let us know and we will do our utmost to provide it if possible.

Your Requirements Our service is tailored to your exact requirements, whether it is a case of a brush-up on fishing technique, a relaxing holiday which will allow you to indulge your favourite hobby, trek across some of the most breath taking scenery on foot, horse or pony or pursue fish, game or fowl.

Leave it to us to organize your itinerary, accommodation, guides, ghillies or loaders, tackle hire or guns if needed, permits or licenses where required and transportation - should you require it - from the nearest airport or railway station.

If you are a sportsman or sportswoman, insurance to cover your treasured rods or guns and the general public is a matter of personal choice and risk containment, but it is wise to invest a few pounds in their continued service and cover them for loss or damage while in the wild terrain you are likely to encounter with us or our specialist representatives. We endorse the membership of the BASC or The Angling Trust for the Public Liability cover they give to the relevant sports.

Fly or Ride We do not arrange air travel or rail tickets, that is an area we prefer that you organize yourself as it is often a cause of holiday hell and is not within our gift to ensure that trains and aircraft run on time - or at all in some cases! We will however ensure that any delays you incur will be allowed for by our associates and suppliers wherever possible.

In certain circumstances within the UK, where your destination is very remote, we can arrange helicopter charters to provide transportation to your final destination, providing that there is a suitable landing site available.

We try our utmost to cater for everyone in the party so we try to ensure that there will always be something to see and do for the youngsters and teenagers alike, if they don't want to learn how to ride, paint, draw, fish or shoot of course.
For those who do not have family with them, we will provide maps and details of distractions in the vicinity, either directly or through the accommodation provider.

Mix it Up
Where seasons coincide it is possible to undertake a mixture of sports:-
Winter -when both game shooting and stalking deer are available
Summer - when fishing can be combined with buck or stag stalking.

The MacNab Then there is of course the “MacNab” now widely regarded as the ultimate sporting challenge, where a deer has to be stalked (fur), a salmon caught (fin) and brace of grouse bagged (feather).
It may sound simple enough, but there is a catch - it all has to be done in a single day. September being the best time to try and complete the feat.
Whatever you choose, we can arrange packages or just days out, if required.

We are considering a new challenge - The Grand MacNab - which will include Stalking (Red and Roe Deer), Fishing (a Salmon and a Sea Trout) and Shooting (Grouse and Duck) the seasons will be ok for this but the chances of anyone actually completing the feat in two days are remote.