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Recent developments by Fly Division®, a company based in Argentina, in the field of luggage and clothing tailored specifically for Fly Anglers caught our eye during an internet session. These items of luggage have been field tested in mutiple countries and using many different modes of transport, they are tough as well as good looking. As a company arranging sporting holidays and breaks the clothing and luggage system seems to compliment our services neatly and we are therefore proud to present here the products available from Fly Division®.

Fly fishing clothing and accessories Products designed and manufactured in Argentina, with imported materials of the best quality in terms of strength, beauty and adaptability for fly-fishing.

Fantastic shirt for fly-fishing, made from corderoy in pearl grey or turquoise colours and also available in a cool cavalry twill beige. Super full-cut design with ample pockets for medium and large boxes, zippered front pocket, multiple additional pockets so keep all essentials to hand and at the same time maintain a minimalist look, also ideal for travelling. Rear side zipper pocket for a waterproof lightweight jacket and "D-ring" at the base of the neck for hanging small nets.

Fly anglers bag, which would be equally at home as a camera or travelling bag, built in high-strength, waterproof polyester fabric, lined, with internal padding in panels. Reinforced seams. It has four large exterior pockets and three interior (one of them in transparent fabric for maps, documents, etc.). Closures and fittings are quick release and strong. Double lid with edge closures. Wide adjustable, padded shoulder strap and anatomical handle. A quality bag that complements any anglers luggage. Avalable in many colour combinations, chooose from camouflage, green-grey, green-black, all black, green-beige, other combinations to special order.

"Fanny Pack", built from identical material to the bag. With elastic webbing side mini-pocket. Stainless carabiner, external side elastic divided (for forceps, pliers, etc.); porta-patch fly front mounts. Pockets for tippets, front inner pocket with through holes for tippet materials, large central pocket, and more inner pockets with zip closure. Drain holes in the base to keep items dry during downpours or when you have waded that step too far!. Rear pocket with zipper. Designed and developed for wading on flats and warmer waters and lowland rivers. Available in the same colour combinations as the bag and to special order.

Reel Cases

Wide variety of new designs of reel cases. Single and double.
Classic - zippered are fitted with reflector strips and rear clear window.
The portfolio type closed with velcro and is fitted with a clear pocket on the back.
Avalable in best polyester or in leatherette, in various colors.
With lined padded interior and heavy duty zips or closures.

Rod Tubes
Double rod tubes. A totally new product that we designed to carry two rod tubes of 650 mm in comfort during our travels. With the same quality, and colours of materials used in all our products. Zipped top, adjustable strap, anatomical handle and large zippered external pocket. The same attention to detail on the interior makes these rod tube carriers stand out and gives the robustness we were looking for to protect our prized rods with a quilted lining in foam and internal dividers to keep tubes separated.

Back Pack
Chest pack. Ideal for carrying everything you need for wading in rivers and lakes. Fitted with porta-patch for fly pads, internal tippet pockets with adjusters and holes for easy dispensing. With front pocket and main pocket, both with zip closures, the latter's ample space for medium-sized boxes side straps to keep it open if necessary as a workstation. It has external elasticated mini-pockets and clips to locate accessories such as forceps, nippers, pliers, floatant, etc. on the two sides. With two straps with adjustable fittings. All components are of the same quality that we use for the above products. Ditto colors and various combinations.

Multi Pack

Two in one. The bag is ideal for carrying all your rods, boots, waders, etc. Made with hard wearing polyester materials as in all our range. Fashionable detail and colour combinations set these bags apart from the run of the mill bags available. Innovative folding system to transform it into a smaller pack.Adjustable shoulder strap. Inside pocket. Key chain. Onc
e folded, is ideal for wading. Fittings to hold forceps, flotant, etc. Large internal pockets for carrying your lunch, coat, shoes and other useful items. Large crystal pocket with Velcro. Front pockets used as tippet dispensers. It has other convenient and useful pockets. MULTIUSE PACK.

Designer Reel
Reel cases for the fashion conscious! Just a few examples of our re-inforced reel cases made to order to appeal to the angler who prefers to make a statement.