Geese in Argentina

Ducks in Argentina



Wing Shooting in Argentina

This is our prime bird hunting program, the elite hunting trip for Wingshooters in Argentina.
This hunting area is located in the best area for hunting Ducks & Geese in Argentina.

This hunt is taken completely in Buenos Aires Province, just a 1 hour internal flight from
the international arrival city. The ducks and geese areas are close to each other so you
don´t have to move too far from one location to the other. We´re able to organize a
combined geese , ducks, doves and pigeon hunt in the same place.

Our bird program includes the following :
• Complete & Exclusive accomodations (Excellent Lodges)
• All Meals and Beverages (Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Whisky, etc.)
• All Ground transportation
• Reception at the airport (Int´l-domestic)
• Guides and Assistants
• Assistance for guns entry
• Customs Clearing Assistance
• Hunting Equipment (Decoys, Callers, Dogs, Boots, Waders, etc.)
• Field Bird Skinning
• No limits of Birds

Not Included:
• Items of Personal Nature
• Cartridges – Doves, Partridges & Pigeons
• Cartridges – Geese & Ducks
• Shotgun Rental
• Gun importation fee of
• Local Airfares / Private Charter
• Hotels – Before & After Hunt
• Gratuities

Suggested program:
6 Full Hunting Days
3 Days for Geese, Partridge & Dove
3 Days for Ducks, pigeon & Dove

• The geese hunt is performed very early in the morning and late in the evening, when you have the chance of shooting all the flights together.
• There are pits in the ground that will be used for shooting from, you will be shooting prone, but for those who struggle with this we can build a hide against wires in the field.
• We offer 2 species of Geese (Magellan & Chilean Ashey Head), and more than 10 species of ducks White Faced Pintail, Southern Widgeon, Brown Pintail, Speckled Teal, Ringed Teal, Blue Winged Teal, Green Winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Silver Teal, Rosy Billed Pochard, Brazilian, Black Head, and Red Shovelers.
• We reccomend you bring Semi-Automatic or over and under 12 bore Shotguns.
• Best season for this hunt: May, June, July and August.
• As you are hunting in the Argentinean winter, temperatures will be: 30-65ºF.

• 50% of the package is required to book this trip
• 50% is payable 45 days prior to the hunt
• Extra Expenses can be payed with cash. Travellers, Personnal and cashiers cheques are accepted with a discount fee of the 3%.

What to pack?:
• Clothing:
Warm Coat (For the night)
Light Shirt/s
1 Heavy Shirt
Hat / Cap
Comfortable tennis shoes
Camp Shoes
Belt & Shell Holder
Extra Socks

• Equipment:
Binoculars (If Big Game)
Insect Repellent
Lens Cleaner

• Personal Gear:
Ear Plugs

We can easily up-grade your hunt for some Big Game animals during your stay, such as Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Puma (Cougar), Grey Brown Brockett Deer, White Lipped Peccary, Collared Peccary, Capybara, Feral Boar, & Multihorned Sheep among others.

This package is provided by one of our hunting partner organisations. All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing.