What can one say about Texas, yes everything is bigger and the sporting opportunities abound. From quail over pointers to hogs and varmint, this is a real boys trip. When asked what weapon you prefer, don’t forget the option of handgun or bow and arrow. Prices vary depending on desired quarry but a weeks sport starts from £2200.00 per person based on a group of four including flights.

With in excess of 5,000 supervised and guided hunts, Texas offers something for every hunter. On the wing, an array of waterfowl, quail, and turkey abound. For the rifle shot, whitetail and hog are widely available, along with an enormous range of ‘varmint’ and exotics from antelope to zebra.

For the fisherman, some of the best largemouth bass in the USA are to be caught in Texas. Freshwater striped bass on the fly are a great fish for the dog days of summer. On the Gulf coast, barracuda, red drum, southern flounder, king mackerel, snook and tunny abound to tempt the sports and fly fisherman alike.

As the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends, ‘Life’s short. Hunt big.’

This package is provided by one of our hunting partner organisations. All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing.