South Africa - May to July

For more than a century, South Africa’s sporting fame has rested firmly on the shoulders of its plains game. But its spectacular and varied winged game are making it THE new destination for guns in the know and those after value sport. For a third season we are offering week-long packages of mixed shooting : pigeons and doves over decoys, flighted ducks and geese, and walked-up guinea fowl, franklin and quail make for a truly memorable trip. If the skies aren’t quite black with pigeons and doves like Argentina, there are certainly more than enough birds to keep most keen shots occupied. Adding some plains game (from impala to kudu, gemsbok and beyond) to the bag is easily achieved on the lodge’s doorstep. Fully catered the week-long trip starts at £1700.00 per person based on a group of six.

Going on safari to South Africa once meant weeks of travel just to get there, and time spent pursuing big game with even bigger rifles. Today its possible to catch a flight from London and be ensconced under canvas or in a lodge inside 18 hours. And a yearning for zebra, lion or antelope can be replaced with a passion for winged targets. Among South Africa’s numerous natural blessings is its enormous diversity of bird species, somewhere in the region of 50 of which are quarry species.

The best of South Africa’s shooting is concentrated between May 1 and August 31 – the winter months in the antipodes. And this is when you will find us setting up camp ready to welcome you to the best sport in South Africa’s agricultural breadbaskets. Whether your passion is pigeon and dove, waterfowl, or Lancaster bomber (guinea fowl) and their spur fowl cousins, we can tailor a package to suit you. Combining fluff flicking and the odd antelope with winged quarry is always a possibility: we love to turn dreams into fur, feather and fin.

This package is provided by one of our hunting partner organisations. All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing.