Game Shooting

Partridge Shooting Breaks in Mallorca
5 Star accommodation in legendary Hotel or Villas, great service, challenging birds, and quality, well organize shooting, and all of it for the most affordable price in Spain!

Wing Shooting in Argentina
Argentina is renowned for its doves, but also offers a wealth of great sport including ducks, fishing and big game. We offer sport across Argentina, tailored to suit different pockets. The newest dove destination in the province of Santiago del Estero (to the north of the more famous Cordoba) has similar bird numbers to its southern neighbours in more relaxed and rustic surroundings (and priced accordingly).

Dove Shooting in Cordoban
If you are looking for the all-singing all-dancing Argentinian dove experience, we offer Cordoban doves with packages starting from £490 per day. Once you have shot yourself to submission you can always head south to the renowned Tierra-del-Fuego region to try your hand at the legendary sea trout (prices dependant on season and lodge requirements), or to one of the fantastic big game lodges to take a medal-worthy head for your wall.

Quail Shooting in Croatia
With a season that starts on August 1st, quail in Croatia is the perfect jumpstart to your season. Firm favourites from the first trip, these small, quick birds should come with an addictive substance warning.

Game in South Africa
For more than a century, South Africa’s sporting fame has rested firmly on the shoulders of its plains game. But its spectacular and varied winged game are making it THE new destination for guns in the know and those after value sport.

What can one say about Texas, yes everything is bigger and the sporting opportunities abound. From quail over pointers to hogs and varmint, this is a real boys trip.

Shooting in the UK

All partridge shooting is spectacular and demanding. Bags range from fifty to two hundred and fifty brace each day.
From traditional Partridge shooting over the fields and low hedges of East Anglia to Partridges over the rolling downs along the South coast and the more challenging, Partridges over the edge of Grouse moors in the deep cut valleys running off the moors in the North of England and Scotland.

Bags are in excess of two hundred birds per day; bags over four hundred are normally shot with double guns and a loader.
Spectacular Pheasant shooting, in the deep valleys of Devon and Cornwall, to the tree lined dales of Yorkshire and Scotland. Mostly shot between the early November and the second week of January.

A range of Red Grouse shooting on spectacular estate moors. The traditional driven Red Grouse offers bags between eighty and two hundred brace each day.

Also available are the ever popular Grouse over Pointers or English Setters in the north of England and the rolling heather clad moors of Scotland and certainly in the North of Scotland, heavily in demand. The season really finishes by the end of September. Usually, bags are between ten and fourteen brace each day.

Mixed Bag
Why not let us arrange a Mixed Bag day for you. We can arrange two drives of simulated game (clay targets) in the morning and the real thing in the afternoon, there is bound to be someone in the party who is rustier that they think they are and are you really ready for the speed of these feathered missiles?

Shooting Documentation
Through our providers, where possible the shooting package includes all documentation including a full briefing pack (6-8 weeks before departure), and all permits for overseas visitors, for example:

A visitor's shotgun permit is obtained from the police for the import of your guns and possession whilst you are in the United Kingdom. Our shooting provider obtains these for the whole shooting season for possible multiple visits.

A licence to kill game is obtained and you become a year member of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), which gives you a quarterly magazine and up to £5,000,000 public liability insurance.

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Shooting Seasons
Game Shooting Season in Northern Ireland
Pheasant Oct 1 - Jan 31
Partridge Oct 1 - Jan 31
Grouse Aug 12 - Nov 30
Common Snipe Sep 1 - Jan 31
Jack Snipe Sep 1 - Jan 31
Woodcock Oct 1 - Jan 31

Game Shooting seasons in England, Scotland and Wales
Pheasant Oct 1 - Feb. 1
Partridge Sept 1 - Feb. 1
Grouse Aug. 12 - Dec 10
Ptarmigan Aug 12 - Dec 10 (Scotland Only)
Black Game Aug 20 - Dec 10
Common Snipe Aug 12 - Jan 31
Jack Snipe - Protected at all times
Woodcock Oct 1 - Jan 31
Woodcock (Scotland) Sept 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose (inland) Sept 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose (below high water mark) Sept 1 - Feb. 20
Rabbit and Hare No closed season

Simulated Game Shooting - Clay Targets