Croatian Quail over Pointers

Croatian Quail



Quail in Croatia

With a season that starts on August 1st, quail in Croatia is the perfect jumpstart to your season. Firm favourites from the first trip, these small, quick birds should come with an addictive substance warning. Chasing these diminutive migrators always adds an element of the unknown: bags can vary from a few birds flushed in a day to birds everywhere dependant on the weather both at the shooting area and further north. Add to the temptations of quail a day’s boat fishing and snorkelling on the Med, and cheap flights from the UK and you’ve created the conditions for a long weekend escape from the UK or the perfect way to get your eye in for the shooting season. Costs are based on a group of four, with two days shooting and 3 nights full board accommodation £875.00 per person.

When it comes to birds, we pride ourselves on offering the extremes. Our quail and woodcock packages in Croatia are no exception.

If, as the dog days of summer roll around each year, you contemplate the sorry state of the British summer and rusty shooting skills in the face of the Glorious 12th and beyond, kill two birds with one stone: add a quick trip to Croatia in pursuit of migratory quail walked up over English pointers and setters to the diary. Within hours you could be ensconced in rural agricultural Croatia, contemplating an evening’s walked up quail over pointers. Hunt for four or five hours from dawn and then again for two or three hours in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. Being on the doorstep of the hunting ground compensates for a lack of bells and whistles accommodation when you are hauling yourself out of bed to be in the field at dawn. Perhaps a villa by the sea and a pre-dawn commute to the fields is more your style: only an hour from our rural hunting idyll, the coast offers an array of watersports from boating and snorkeling to fishing and diving.

Are you pheasant and partridged out? Or has the end of the British shooting season come all too soon? Maybe you are just a ‘cock junkie? A quick flight from any of the major British airports and a short commute to the hotel at the centre of the hunting ground has you in the heart of European woodcock territory. Pack comfortable boots as you can walk for five or six hours each day in pursuit of these pop-eyed shot-dodgers. On the plus side, the pointers give you the heads up before the birds leap skyward. Groups of two or more can shoot woodcock over pointers over more than 100,000 hectares of prime Croatian hunting ground from the 1st of October to the 28th of February.

Both of these packages are flexible, offering sport for one day or many, and are readily combined with other fieldsports.


This package is provided by one of our hunting partner organisations. All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing.