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Whether you are looking for Wild Trout fishing in the Highlands of Scotland to Sea Trout in Patagonia or Grayling in the former Czech Republic, Arctic Char in Canada or Alaska, to Peacock Bass in the Amazon Basin we have opportunities throughout to offer you a great holiday or short break.

For opportunities in the UK, Position your mouse cursor over the map on the left and select the region you would like to visit.

Regions in the UK are broken down by river system, to make it easier to decide. We have both fishing and accommodation to offer you, the fishing is listed, to list the accommodation would take too much space here so let us know where you want to fish and we will arrange everything else, then send you a full itinerary with cost breakdown, to let you decide if the package is right for you.

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Amazon Basin Big Game - Saltwater Canada and Alaska
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Fishing in all the out of the way places in the USA

Be the first European to fish some of the best dry fly fishing in America

Iceland Out Of The Way USA Irish Pike

We are aware that the pike is not a game fish! But as a predator in Irish waters, it is usually full of trout and can be caught on the fly, that's as near as it gets and what sport. It is suspected that these pike live short but happy lives packing weight on in the loughs of Ireland, we have heard more than once the phrase that "There is a new record Pike in there", usually after our clients have had heavy steel traces smashed, which have landed 30lb fish the same day.

As we are currently changing and adding guides and outfitters in Patagonia this page is currently off line. However should you require further in formation, please contact us

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