Brown Trout



Game Fishing in England

With over fifty rivers containing Salmon and Sea Trout as well as forty plus English chalk streams famous for their trout fishing for both Wild Brown and Rainbow, the choice is extreme but the challenge and reward - undeniable.

Area or River system Fishing


R. Kennet - The Kennet has been famous for trout fishing since the late nineteenth century and the abundance of trout is directly linked to the quality and quantity of water in the river.
R. Pang - A tributary of the Thames and one of the safest and cleanest rivers in the region

Cumbria R. Cocker -
R. Dee -
R. Eden -
R. Kent -
R. Rothay -
R. Tyne -
Derbyshire R. Derwent - At some 50 or so miles in length, is the longest river in Derbyshire, Brown Trout and Grayling are abundant in the upper reaches.
R. Lathkill - A dramatic river with abundant invertebrate life, spring fed and clear as crystal, definitely a "must fish"
R. Dove - The River Dove is no doubt one of the most picturesque and important fly fishing rivers in the world. As a regular haunt of Izzak Walton and Charles Cotton in the 17th century - the birth place - if you like of modern fishing ethics and appreciation.
R. Wye - The Wye trout quickly grow to large proportions on this heady diet of shrimps, sedges, upwing flies and many other invertebrates. The river is most famous for it's naturally breeding population of rainbow trout.

R. Ax - One of the oldest waterways in Devon with some very challenging fishing from overgrown stretches to wonderful broad pools. Sea Trout and Browns are the quarry short rods and light casts the order of the day.

Dorset R. Allen - an excellent river for game fishing but migratory salmon and resident trout are declining.
R. Frome (Froom) - Much of the fishing is tricky and chest waders are required on some of the more overgrown side streams, but that is more than compensated for by the stamp of fish available and the magnificent fly hatches.
R. Piddle - The fishing here can be challenging and it is worth noting that the entire river is now a catch and release fishery.
Hampshire R. Anton -Fly hatches are prolific, especially that of the mayfly hatch from mid May to mid June, the stream has a reputation for its Wild Brown Trout.
R.Avon -
At over 40 miles long the cream of the trout fishing on the Avon is to be found upstream of Salisbury. The lower reaches are famous for salmon fishing and include the renowned Royalty Bridge pool.
Bourne Rivulet - Immortalised by Harry Plunket Greene when he wrote of it "Only three miles in all, but those three miles a dry-fly fisherman's paradise".
R. Dever - A favourite of Halford, provides 10 miles of good, sometimes superb, fishing.
R. Meon -
A challenging river as it runs very clear and very fast. The fishing is for mainly stocked fish with the very occasional sea trout being taken.
R. Itchen
R. Test
Lincolnshire R. Baine - Holds a significant head of Wild Brown Trout in its head waters, which are lightly fished for as the lower section is mostly populated by coarse fish, pike and eels.
Norfolk R.Bure - In the deep heartland of Norfolk feeding the main Broads and contains a large population of wild brown trout which are infrequently fished for. A stealthy approach is needed as the stream is very narrow and gin-clear.
R. Nar -
Developed in places to provide lake fishing, there are still wonderful stretches of the upper river untouched by human hand, containing some remarkable brown trout.
Sunderland R. Wear -
Tyneside R. Tees -
Yorkshire R. Calder -
R. Derwent -
R. Esk -
R. Leven -
R. Leven
R. Nidd -
R. Ouse
R. Swale - Reputedly the fastest flowing river in England, it falls 148m over 32km from Muker to Richmond falls.
One of the most fruitful fly fishing rivers in northern England
R. Wharfe
-Rising off Carboniferous limestone close to Ribblehead, it joins the Ouse near Rhythor 130km further on. The river flows swiftly through pasture land, but the last 16km below Tadcaster are tidal with a gentler flow. The headwaters run crystal clear so a stealthy approach to fly fishing for trout has to be made
  Fishing availability in the Chalk Streams can vary wildly with riparian owners and fishing clubs. Some insist upon club membership - please let us know where you would like to fish and we will advise upon access.