Fly Fishing in Brazil

Yes! that is correct - Fly Fishing in Brazil!
Thanks to our new partners in the Amazon Basin we can promise you a fly fishing adventure you will never forget! From organised trips every day to regular fishing spots for specific species to out and out discovery days among the wildlife and mangroves in the Amazon Basin.

fish This is no holiday for the feint of heart or short of breath, the fish you will catch will try to break your strongest rods like matchwood or pull you in. In fresh water our guides will put you on Peacock Bass and at the right time of year Tarpon fish

The bass run like four engined express trains and you will loose a lot of tackle in the snags, but they are magnificent creatures well worth your attentions as you can see in the pictures above.
With the Peacock Bass running from 5 pounds upwards, but feeling like they will pull your arms out of their sockets at any second, you are guaranteed sport of an extra ordinary level.

The record so far for a Tarpon on rod and line in Brazilian waters is 220 pounds!

fish When you have had enough excitement on the fly, our guides will offer you excursions of a quieter nature using bait or lures. Quieter that is unless you hook into a Giant Arapaima (Pirarucu) or one of the huge catfish species which inhabit the basin. fish

The jungle wildlife is stunning from the local cheeky monkeys to wonderful bird life. One thing to bear in mind is that your holiday will go a long way towards maintaining the rain forest and habitat for the creatures that it contains as the eco tourist industry is strictly controlled in Brazil and levies generated from the providers of the fishing help the whole ecology of the basin, so everybody benefits from your stay.


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