Loch Cardhu



About Us

WE - stand for value, integrity and care

Who are we?
We are a group of like-minded individuals driven by a common goal - we love what we do!
When a beloved hobby or pastime becomes your main activity in life, it ceases to become work.
We started Corks Creak as fishing guides, organizing fishing parties to Scotland, Wales and Ireland, our services have expanded to include Bespoke Fly Tying for clients visiting our selected venues, Game Shooting, Golf, Deer Stalking, Trekking, Walking and Hiking.

Recently our services have expanded further to include Czech and French Nymphing Master Classes and guided fishing holidays in the Czech Republic, in the beautiful rivers Otava, Vltava and Volynka, chasing the Lady of the Stream herself - the Grayling - which grow to enormous sizes over there and so do the trout.

An new service partner has given us the opportunity to provide you with Fly fishing in the Amazon Basin, Brazil.

Our time, service and attention to detail are what you pay for, the rewards can be endless, the benefits we hope - obvious.

Where do we come into the equation?
As facilitators and organizers.
We rarely package unknown quantities, the risk is too great, we prefer to get to know people and their offerings first, ultimately providing you with the best value.

Why do we do, what we do?
We enjoy seeing and hearing about the experiences people have on our packages. It is rare for anyone not to have enjoyed the experience of some of the most fantastic scenery in Europe - even if you don't fish or shoot - away from the stress and constant bustle of every day life, you will appreciate the clarity of thought that the UK best kept secrets can bring.

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