Angling Trust
The Angling Trust is the representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England. Our members support the campaigns and legal action we carry out to protect fish stocks and our programmes to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. We're fighting for the future of YOUR fishing, but we need YOUR support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future join your representative body today.

Please visit the WTT web site to see how you can help the trust as an angler or non-angler.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is a UK based organization with Atlantic wide interests which champions the wild salmon and sea trout - it does not represent any other interests or body, only the fish themselves. Although called the 'Atlantic Salmon Trust', it is equally concerned with sea trout.
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Be involved with your environment,
don’t take it for granted.
Please report any signs of illegal activity – nets, fixed lines or pollution to the authorities who can make a difference.
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Make the most of your time with us!

"Brexit"? What "Brexit"?
Dispite "Brexit" and the fallout from our impending departure from the EU within the next few years sporting opportunities have never been so good! Big-game stalking across the continent is becoming hugely popular, as is game shooting on some of the best and fastest Partridge pegs I have ever experienced. All this while family is sunbathing or enjoying local hospitality a few kilometres away!

Handyman Services
Yes that is correct, you are not seeing things, we are offering Handyman Services!
For many years our founder has assisted those people who are either infirm, or just unable to decorate for themselves, or put a few bookshelves up as he saw it as his way of adding value to the community.
Well now we can offer far more!
The demand for our services has recently become so great that we now have gathered a team of professional tradesmen who we can call upon, they are able to Design, Build, Repair, Restore, Renovate and Maintain homes and gardens. Click here to see what we can do for you. If you live outside our normal coverage area, please still let us know what you need we probably can help you find the skills required or point you in the right direction.

Innovative Fishing Luggage
After attending several intenet conferences we saw this new luggage company based in Argentina. Thier products are well tested both locally and internationally so we thought they deserved more exposure.
Fly Division ® are a new dynamic company with an excellent pedigree in Argentina and Patagonia, Finnland Canada and the USA. Take a look!

Fishing in the Amazon Basin
Thanks to our new partners in Brazil we are able to offer you fishing like you have never experienced before (unless you have already been there) From simple single species jaunts with a fly rod to voyages of discovery in unfished waters all while in the middle of the Amazon Basin.
Please Note -With government plans afoot to change the ecology of the whole region by creating a massive dam to collect water for hydro-electric power, no-one is certain how the hydrology of the area will be affected so now is your chance to experience this wonderland.

We are now taking bookings for 2017
As some of our fishings have had bumper back-end tallies, we have been fortunate enough to secure early season bookings for our clients on the same water. If you intend to fish early this year, please let us know NOW as the best waters will rapidly become oversubscribed.

You at the heart of our service - Our carefully selected destinations and packages are tailored to YOUR requirements of Accommodation, Family Care, Value, Location, Access to your requested Sport and Hire of equipment where needed, add to this, impressive attention to detail and dedicated focus on customer care and you too could have a unique and highly rewarding holiday experience with us.

No Prices - You will not find any prices on this site apart from those given to us in advance by selected suppliers. Our packages are completely bespoke, built to your requirements, the way all holidays should be. You tell us where, when, how many people, how long you wish to stay, which sport and any budgetary considerations you may have, we organise the whole thing for you, if it is within our gift. If we cannot fulfil your needs we will tell you and if possible suggest other avenues to pursue.

Why Corks Creak? Because that is the noise which should be emanating from the handle of your treasured rod as you fight and land that personal best fish, or even a fish of a lifetime, nestled in scenery that takes your breath away. Lets face it if the corks aren't creaking, your not catching.

We do our best to ensure that all the elements of your ideal holiday and family requirements are met, the only things we cannot ensure are the weather and the mood of the fish, fowl or animal you seek!

Our Contacts - Across the UK and beyond, who specialize in country sports, new European contacts are constantly being added into our network, if you are looking for something outside of our normal offerings, from "Bone" fishing to Czech Nymphing Master Classes or deer stalking in Denmark please ask as we have contacts who can help.